Ananta Anantara

The Ananta Anantara cabinet is taken from the word ananta which means without boundaries and anantara which means without distance. With the election of the Ananta Anantara Cabinet, it is hoped that in the future, the Ananta Anantara Cabinet will become a united unit without distance and contribute indefinitely to achieve common goals

Phoenix Bird

Symbolizes the resurrection which illustrates the steps taken by HMJ Kimia to rise through difficult times with the spirit of contributing to advancing HMJ Kimia and realizing the solidarity of the board members who are close without distance.

Phoenix’s Head

Symbolizes the Badan Pengurus Harian which is the coordinator, person in charge, and protector.

Phoenix’s Body

Symbolizes the members of the Chemistry Department as the unifier and supporter of all components, such as the chemical jargon, Kimia Satu Hati.

Four Phoenix’s Wing Feathers

Symbolizes members of the Badan Pengurus Harian consisting of the Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Eight Phoenix’s Wing Feathers

Symbolizes 8 departments in HMJ Kimia that are ready to contribute to improving the quality of the organization and coordinating with the Badan Pengurus Harian to advance HMJ Kimia FMIPA Unesa.

Phoenix’s Eyes

The sharp eyes symbolize that HMJ Kimia will always have one view and one goal.

Phoenix’s Tail of Flames

Symbolizes the spirit of the committee in holding responsibility and commitment to contribute to the Department of Chemistry.

Phoenix’s Colours

Red : Courage and strength in taking responsibility

Orange : Optimism and passion for contributing