Colleger Organization (Ormawa) Department of Chemistry, State University of Surabaya named HMJ Kimia FMIPA Unesa.  Ormawa Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Unesa was founded on December I, 1965 with other Ommawa FMIPA with the initial name “Ormawa Department of Chemistry”.  Then in 1999 by Ka-Hima Edi Purwanto, the name was changed to HMK FMIPA Unesa.  Because there was a change in the university system to make it more Study Government, the name was changed to BEM-J Chemistry FMIPA Unesa with the DLM-J department legislature in 2005 by Ka-Hima Syaiful Arif.  In 2013, the BEM-J has changed to Himawa-J as an executive of the Department.  In 2014 the name was returned to HMJ-Kimia FMIPA Unesa by merging DLM-J into a department called the Department of Advocacy and Human Rights during Ka-Hima Ainun Najih. HMJ Kimia Secretariat is located at the Ormawa Complex FMIPA Unesa Building C-1I Ketintang Campus, Surabaya.

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