Cooperative 2020

HMJ Chemistry Entrepreneurship Department 2020 period The Department of Entrepreneurship is a department within HMJ Chemistry which has the field of entrepreneurial work in an effort to grow entrepreneurial spirit with the aim of obtaining mutual benefits and carrying out activities related to entrepreneurship both inside and outside the Department of Chemistry FMIPA Unesa. In the 2020 period the Department of Entrepreneurship HMJ Kimia had Rafiqi (2018) as department head and its members namely Faizah (2018), Muti (2018), Nadhifa (2018), Dita (2018), Awiddah (2019), Huda (2019), Rika (2019), Amalia (2019), and Rintis (2019).

Students as young people should be able to develop themselves in running finance or the economy. Chemistry Student Association of the period 20 20 Faculty Unesa as a container of aspiration for chemistry student trying to motivate chemistry student in order to have an entrepreneurial spirit and can develop to meet the needs of daily finances – the day in the form of Cooperative Student Association of Chemical period 20 20. With the existence of this activity is expected that students can improve their entrepreneurial spirit .

The activity was carried out in April to December 2020. The cooperative’s activities were carried out by selling snacks, stationery, and practical tools that were placed on the storefront. In addition, there are procurement of department laboratory suits, selling snacks, drinks through bazaar stands, which are carried out by faculties and departments in certain activities. The procurement and supply of these items is adjusted to the needs of students. Purchase of light snacks is done if the goods are sold out by the person in charge. The purchase of practical tools is tailored to the needs of chemistry students such as masks, gloves and other (simple) practical tools. Ordering practicum tools through cooperative management which later the goods will be provided according to the order. After the money is collected along with profits, the money is distributed equally to all members of the cooperative as SHU (Remaining Business Results) of the cooperative. Chemistry Student Association Cooperative activities in the 2020 period were attended by Chemistry Department Students who were interested in developing finance, as many as 44 students consisting of 2018, 2017 and 2019 students.

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