“Chemistry Sport and Art Virtual Competition 2020”

“Solidarity, Creativity, and Play in Fair with Chisart Virtual Competition 2020”.

After the 2019 period successfully held sports and arts week activities which were packaged in the work program “Chemistry Sport and Art Competition 2019” or “CHISART Competition 2019” with the theme “Respect, Fairplay and Solidarity of Chemistry”.

Student Association of Chemistry Department, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Unesa 2020 period held this activity again. Amid the Covid-19 Pandemic, sports and art week activities are virtually packaged in the work program “Chemistry Sport and Art Virtual Competition 2020” with the theme “Solidarity, Creativity, and Play in Fair with Chisart Virtual Competition 2020”. This activity aims to provide facilities for students to develop their talents and interests in non-academic fields and foster an attitude of sportsmanship, creativity and cooperation within students so that they can strengthen the relationship between students of the Department of Chemistry amid this pandemic, this activity is expected to be a refreshing suggestion for students after undergoing the Even Semester 2020 Final Examination.

The Chisart work program also has several branches of competition, both in the fields of art and sports, but during the pandemic we will change the status of sports into virtual sports or better known as e-sport. Possible branches that are contested on this chisart include cover dance, cover songs, “Daily Vlog” Vlogs, and tiktok in the arts. In the e-sports field we hold Mobile Legend. The Chisart implementation will be held on 28-31 May 2020. The implementation of this work program is attended by students from the 2016-2019 class. The competition is carried out by collecting works through a form that will be distributed by the committee and announced on YouTube and Instagram of HMJ Kimia Unesa. Meanwhile, for the Mobile Legend race, every match will be made to lie on Instagram and Youtube of HMJ Kimia Unesa. Don’t forget that there will be lots of attractive prizes for the winners later.

Hopefully the implementation will run smoothly and there are no significant obstacles so the event can be said to be a success, “said Browi (Chair of the Chisart Virtual Competition). (blckbr)

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