ASEAN CIMB Scholarship

Selection of ASEAN CIMB Scholarship candidates

  1. Easy to adapt to change
  2. The ability to channel ideas
  3. Academic achievements and extracurricular activities
  4. Able to communicate well
  5. Team collaboration ability
  6. Creativity and innovation in problem solving

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Requirements :

  1. Maximum age is 24 years
  2. Citizens of Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam or the Philippines
  3. Already receiving or expecting to continue undergraduate study starting in 2020 at any academic institution in a recognized university
  4. Has a good academic track record, and is active in curricular activities
  5. Do not receive another scholarship

Stages of selection

Registration date MARCH 16-15 APRIL 2020

Stage 1


Stage 2

Selected applicants will take part in the CIMB Online assessment



Stage 4

Selected applicants will carry out a CIMB ASEAN Scholarship boot camp 2 days 1 night

Stage 5

Final interview

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