Symbol Meaning:

Garuda wings, having five red corners means that HMJ Kimia holds fast to Pancasila as the ideology of the Indonesian people.

Star sign, means that HMJ Kimia still exists and develops in the Ormawa MIPA environment, especially in other Ormawa environments in Indonesia in general, and scholars.

Writing from HMJ Chemistry and the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences-Unesa, indicating that HMJ Chemistry is within the Department of Chemistry at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Unesa.

Drawing of white lab tools, consisting of erlenmeyer, distillation flasks, condensers, beakers, pipettes, legs, and spirits burners indicates that HMJ Chemistry does not abandon scientific thinking and always uses intelligent, brilliant, and intellectual thoughts.

Draw two blue rope, indicating that the foundation of HMJ Chemistry consists of GBHK and Organizational Mechanisms that are used as performance guidelines for achieving the objectives of HMJ Kimia.

Color Meaning:

Red, means dare to defend the truth in fighting for the aspirations of students and the foundation of dynamic thinking.

Black, means nobleness and sincerity in carrying out the mandate of students.

Blue, means determination as the next generation of the nation.

White, means purity of heart.