The meaning of the symbol:

Male peacocksymbolizes beauty, elegance and authority. Reflecting the steps of HMJ Kimia FMIPA Unesa 2020 in carrying out its responsibilities.

Head and body shape, symbolizing the Daily Management Board which became the initiator of the movement, the person in charge, and protector. The five-crested symbolizes authority with the five foundations of movement as in organizational mechanisms.

Eight peacock wings, symbolizing the eight departments in HMJ Kimia FMIPA Unesa who are ready to work on beautifying the organization, harmonizing the steps of movement with the Daily Management Board for the progress of HMJ Kimia FMIPA Unesa 2020.

Six circles, symbolizes the semiotic number of atoms of the sixth chemical element in the Periodic System of Elements, namely Carbon with the symbol C. C for Chemistry which means Chemistry.

The meaning of the symbol color:

Blue navysymbolizes peace, wisdom, trust and responsibility.

Redsymbolizes courage and energy in carrying out responsibilities.

Color gradation, symbolizes dynamic, open steps, and positive change.


The philosophy of the cabinet name:

Luminescenein science can be interpreted as a ray of light a substance that is not produced by heat. Language can be defined as luminescence. It has a philosophical meaning for the movement of HMJ Kimia FMIPA Unesa which, “Anggun is fluorescent, stable, glowing, and gloriously shining.”

Luminescene CabinetHMJ Kimia FMIPA Unesa 2020 has a narrative of the movement, “It hasn’t broken, it has grown, it hasn’t disappeared, it’s changed. Being blasphemed is getting stronger, being pressed doesn’t work, being stepped on increasingly uphill. Everything will be fine, just need a little smile, improvement, and appreciation. “